Dear Customers, Shippers of Dangerous Goods,

Although we “always” adopt a neutral position when forwarders approach us to provide services as a third party to/for their customers and prospects, we have also built up a network of forwarding partners over the years. A network directed straight to our Customers, Shippers.

Our network is purely focused on the safe transport of dangerous goods for all classes and is highly experienced in transport management of Class 7, radioactive materials, to almost any destination.
We have built this network because of the enormous demand from various multinational companies (shippers) to have a single contact for all their DG issues.

Since DG Experts has everything related to the safe transport of DG, for AND road; AND sea; AND air, under one roof, an extra motivation was given to creating such a network to support our major customers with the total service they were asking for.

The network exists out of LOCAL (Romanian) and INTERNATIONAL (Global) partners.

All our local partners have minimum 1 employee trained for at least DG by Air by us at ICAO CBTA level for freight forwarders. This to guarantee a professional attitude when they are approaching our customers (the shippers).

On top, they also have an international network with agents or own offices at international airports recommended by us, outside Romania. This is to ensure airports where we can find a professional attitude from the acceptance team as well, when approaching the DG consignments of our customers.


EASI Logistics S.R.L.




VDM Rental S.R.L.


APA Cargo Services S.R.L.


A. HARTRODT Romania S.R.L.



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